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Islanders By Choice

Posted by Christina Harnett

In some Maritime communities there are still two kinds of people...those who are "from" here and those who "come from away."

Take Prince Edward Island for example...Islanders are among the most welcoming and friendly of folk.

But many newcomers - or CFAs - say that friendliness only goes so far. Even after having spent years on PEI, they feel isolated and unable to break into community life.

Freelancer Dave Atkinson explores the idea of being "Islanders by Choice."

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Federal Election Panel

Posted by Christina Harnett

Last week federal ministers and Conversative MPs fanned out across the country for photo-ops and funding announcements.

At the same time, the opposition released new ads, and talked openly about voting against the government on two important confidence votes.

It looks like an election is coming.

And if it does, a handful of seats in Atlantic Canada could be the game-changer.

This week we talk to three political watchers about the seats in play, the issues important to the region, and what Maritimers want to hear on the hustings.

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Proof of L.O.V.E.

Posted by Christina Harnett

While high profile cases of youth violence make headlines, a group in Halifax has quietly spent the last decade giving young people a place to be heard.

The group is called L.O.V.E. which stands for Leave Out Youth Violence.

It is considered a rare success at helping young people turn their lives around.

Reporter Maggie Rahr spent months getting to know the kids and the leaders at L.O.V.E, to try to find out why it's had such on impact.

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The L.O.V.E website

The St Croix Alewives

Posted by Christina Harnett

This week on Maritime Magazine, the story of how a group of fishing guides in Maine convinced the state government to keep a native fish species out of their lucrative waters.

And the effect this has had on what many consider to be an important food source for Atlantic groundfish stocks.

The CBC's Connell Smith brings us the story of the "alewife"...also known as gaspereau in many parts of the Maritimes.

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