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Maybe God Sent Bernie (the story of the first Halifax Group of Five)

Posted by Christina Harnett

Our story this week is about a generous man, originally from Prince Edward Island, who devoted his life to helping recent immigrants to Canada.

He helped make possible the reunion of two brothers, using a method of immigrant sponsership called A Group of Five. It's not used much in this region, in fact these individuals came to call themselves "the First Halifax Group of Five."

But the story took years to unfold... and not everyone got to see the happy ending. The CBC's Lisa Roberts brings us her documentary titled, "Maybe God Sent Bernie."

Habtom's Path

Posted by Christina Harnett

Earlier this year news came out that the body of a 40 year old man, originally from Eritrea, had been found in the woods near Halifax.

Habtom Kibraeb arrived in Nova Scotia as a refugee claimant, after a long and dangerous journey from his homeland.

When he found out Immigration Canada had rejected his claim, and decided to deport him...he committed suicide

A week after his body was found, the CBC's Mary Lynk sat down with friends and advisors to go beyond the headlines, and learn more about Habtom's death.

And his life.

Her documentary is called Habtom's Path.

Listen here

Sister Donna Brady

Posted by Christina Harnett

The Sisters of St Martha in Antigonish have always been about hospitality and sanctuary.

"The Marthas" as they're known, began more than a century ago, at what was then, St Francis Xavier College.
hey acted as the housekeepers and caretakers for the students and priests who went there...eventually expanding their mission beyond the walls of the University.

Now Sister Donna Brady and some of her colleagues at the Marthas are taking on a new mission.

They're giving rank and file Catholics in the area a chance to come together, ask questions, and even challenge the way the Church is handling the current crisis.

Maritime Magazine host Pauline Dakin sat down last week with Sister Donna Brady, who helps run the Bethany Retreat Centre in Antigonish.

Listen here

Contact the Marthas Here

Award-winning stories!!

Posted by Christina Harnett

Myfanwy Davies' documentary about the wonderful life - and tragic death - of St Thomas University professor John McKendy recently won two prestigious awards.

On May 1, 2010 it was awarded the Dave Rogers Award for Long Feature at the Radio Television News Directors Awards in Saint John.

And on May 8th it won the Atlantic Journalism Gold Award for Feature Writing-Radio.

Here is the story, which first aired in March 2009.

On May the 8th, at the Atlantic Journalism Awards, Bob Murphy and Margot Brunelle received the Gold Award for Enterprise Reporting-Radio for their story about the disappearance of Kimberley McAndrew twenty years ago.

That story first aired on Maritime Magazine last fall. You can hear it again here.

Our congratulations to Myfanwy, Bob and Margot, and thanks for their fine work.

Building a Family (our Mother's Day Show)

Posted by Christina Harnett

For Jesse Lee Lomax and Dan Robichaud, there was never any question they would have a large family.

And there was never a question the children would be adopted...Jesse Lee decided on that when she was still a teenager.

But the road to international adoption is far from smooth. And it can be particularly rough if you're trying to integrate the only black children for miles around into a small, white, French community.

This week Maritime Magazine brings us the story of a young couple from Bouctouche New Brunswick, and the hurdles they've faced trying to bring their family together.

Listen Here

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