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Rescue Archeology

Posted by Christina Harnett

Rising sea levels and the eroding coastline in the Maritimes are causing havoc with some of the region's most important hisoric sites.

At Fortress Louisburg in Cape Breton, for example, every new storm surge reveals a time capsule.

This week on Maritime Magazine, reporter Stephen Puddicombe tells us about something called "rescue archeology,"...the measures scientists are taking to ensure our coastal history isn't entirely washed out to sea.

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After Cancer

Posted by Christina Harnett

IMG_0636.JPGAt 26 years old, Shawn Campbell worked hard, partied hard and did pretty much what he wanted, when he wanted.

Then he got cancer, and everything changed.

Now, 12 years later, Shawn has been through his treatment and recovery.

But he, like thousands of other young cancer survivors, felt abandoned when he finally walked out of the hospital for the last time.

This week Maritime Magazine looks at the issue of after-care for young people with cancer.

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Click here for more information about Dr Miedema's study about young cancer patients.

Against The Dying of the Light

Posted by Christina Harnett

Fred Ross longs for the light.

He needs it in order to make art.

But the acclaimed New Brunswick artist finds good light hard to come by these days, "trapped" as he is, in a nursing home.

Our documentary about Mr Ross, and his predicament, was produced by the CBC's Mary Lynk and freelance broadcaster, Judith Mackin.

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Brindi Come Home

Posted by Christina Harnett

She is the most famous dog in Nova Scotia and she's been on death row for almost two years.

Brindi is a six-year old shepherd mix from East Chezzetcook, who was seized by animal control in 2008.

Her owner has been fighting to get her back ever since. This week the CBC's Eileen McInnis goes behind the Brindi headlines.

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Easter Show

Posted by Christina Harnett

In honour of Easter we have two stories about finding spiritual fulfillment through the creation of something new.

In one case it's a work of art; in another it's new homes for people who've been waiting for them a long time.

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