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Two Country Doctors

Posted by Christina Harnett

In some ways it seems as though Bud Ings and Pius Murnaghan were always meant to be friends.

Dr Ings is a well-known author, politician and legendary animal doctor from Prince Edward Island.

Dr Murhaghan is the efficient, respected young veterinarian who took over his practice.

But the similarities between the two men don't end there...and their friendship goes beyond mentor and protege.

Maritime Magazine, in collaboration with Land And Sea, presents a portrait of these two country doctors.

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Becoming an Island...Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Posted by Jonathan DeRouchie

This summer, for the first time in more than 150 years, there will be no ferry service between South West Nova Scotia, and the coast of Maine.

In December the Nova Scotia government pulled a subsidy for the company that runs the high-speed CAT between Yarmouth and Bar Harbour.

Without that money, Bay Ferries says it can't offer the service anymore. The blow for the town, and surrounding area will be devastating, and residents say the impact will be felt across the region.


International Women for International Women's Day!

Posted by Jonathan DeRouchie

The experiences of immigrant women in Canada are as varied as the women themselves.
Whether they encounter a land of opportunity - or an obstacle course - depends on many things, including what they've left behind.

But one thing is clear - if the women are happy and engaged, the whole family is more likely to want to stay in a community.

Maritime Magazine marks International Women's Day with stories from women who've come to this region.

The CBC's Lisa Roberts brings us their stories.

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