Episode Update

Heavy Weather on Atlantic Airwaves

This Saturday on Atlantic Airwaves we showcase the the best emerging and established musicians from the East Coast who are being broadcast on the CBC TV show Absolutely Canadian. It's all been put together by the St John's based video production unit Heavy Weather. You'll hear Matthew Hornell, Kat McLevey, Les Hay Babies plus.... an advance listen preview to Coyote's new CD that comes out in September..

Music has personality. So do the musicians who write and perform it. Heavy Weather puts musicians in an environment that is interesting to your eyes and ears with one camera and no edits, letting the music and performance come through.

Airs on CBC TV Saturday, August 23, at 8:00 pm Maritimes / 8:30pm NL.

Featuring music by Matthew Hornell, Kat McLevey, Les Hay Babies, and Coyote.