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Rose Cousins - Steve Gates - Atlantic Airwaves, Saturday February 25, 2012

Posted by Glenn Meisner

On this weekends' edition of 'Atlantic Airwaves' - A feature on Rose Cousins and her new release 'We Have Made A Spark' - and - A Feature on Steve Gates and his debut solo recording 'A Bee In Her Mouth'.
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'We Have Made A Spark' follows Rose Cousins' two multi-award-winning albums 'The Send Off' (2009) produced by Luke Doucet and 'If You Were For Me' (2006) produced by CBC in Halifax. Yet another collection of stunning songs by Rose Cousins, her third album braves weighty topics.
"We develop patterns that keep us from moving forward. It takes a deep breath and a bucket of courage to face the uncomfortable, painful things we work so hard to avoid. Reward comes from recognizing the obstacle exists and pushing through fear."
Rooted in authenticity and conviction of voice, from driving opening track The Darkness to stark piano ballad Go First, you feel as though Rose Cousins sings for you, about your life. It is that sincerity that leads some to compare Cousins to our most beloved songwriters, and yet, her passionate delivery is distinctly, Rose. From writing songs from a tiny cabin without electricity on a New Hampshire island to the stage of one her many international tour stops her lone voice reaches out to listeners, all of us surrounded by our own forms of darkness, and charges us to have the courage to forge ahead.
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Recorded in a makeshift studio in a Halifax apartment and produced by John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliott Brood, Graham Wright), 'A Bee In Her Mouth' is Steve Gates' debut full-length record. Recording sessions started the day after a public talk given by Daniel Lanois during which he inspired his listeners to be reckless and trust themselves in the studio. The record features a number of prominent Halifax musicians such as Jenn Grant and Daniel Ledwell on 'Something New', as well as Rose Cousins on 'Down to the River'. Kris Pope (Acres and Acres, Jenn Grant, Down with the Butterfly) and Adam Fine (Gypsophila) each appear on a number of tracks, as do members of Steve's band, Caledonia. In this record, Gates abuses song forms old and new, filling them with his own stories and unique voice. The result is a record that is ragged and beautiful.

East Coast Blues Summit part 2 - Atlantic Airwaves - February 18, 2012

Posted by Glenn Meisner

On this weekends' edition of 'Atlantic Airwaves' - An East Coast Blues Summit part 2 featuring performances by Morgan Davis, Linda Carvery, Matt Andersen, Carson Downey, Theresa Malenfant and Garrett Mason

For the full concert listen here

The east coast has been a hotbed of blues music for, at least, the past fifty years. Many styles and influences...country blues, swing, urban and jump, to name a few, have contributed to what is now an east coast sound and approach. CBC in the Maritimes decided the time was right to showcase this wealth of blues and to produce a musical special for radio, television and online. The East Coast Blues Summit brings together those influences, styles, and an incredible group of Maritime singers and musicians on one stage performing some of the music that inspired them as well as originals. Matt Andersen, Morgan Davis, Linda Carvery, Garrett Mason, Theresa Malenfant and Carson Downey are all award winning artists with deep blues roots and emotional delivery. The band is a special group of players, all being recording artists in their own right. From the very first notes of rehearsals right through to showtime there was an atmosphere of excitement and joy to be playing together.

Dylan Guthro - Steven Bowers - on Atlantic Airwaves, February 4, 2012

Posted by Glenn Meisner

On this Saturday's Atlantic Airwaves - two features - Dylan Guthro with his debut recording All That's True - And Steven Bowers with his new recording Boethuk Words.

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Singer songwriter Dylan Guthro is proof of the old adage that the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. Following in the fairly large footsteps of his Dad, Bruce Guthro, Dylan is set to join the family business with the release of his debut recording All That's True. And what is true about this recording is that he has learned his lessons well. The record leaves no doubt that this is a talented singer-songwriter with a very bright future. The songs are solid and sincere, and the musicianship superb.

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Steven Bowers is a singer songwriter who is not afraid to put a lot of miles under his wheels. Originally from Newfoundland and having established himself here on the East Coast he now calls Alberta home, at least for now. Maybe that's what got him thinking about the impermanent nature of life and the fact that our little lives are brief fleeting moments in the overall scheme of things. Steven was back in Halifax for some shows and he dropped by for a chat about his new recording Beothuk Words.