ELA Funding Cuts

Photo: DanielleGrace/Flickr

Photo: DanielleGrace/Flickr


Last night on the program, we told you about the impending closure of the Experimental Lakes Area, or ELA. The ELA is a world-renowned research facility in northern Ontario. But federal funding for research at the facility will be cut off at the end of March. And that has scientists concerned about the loss of the one-of-a-kind freshwater research station. Dave Canfield is the Mayor of Kenora, Ontario, which is near the ELA. He tells about the effect the closing would have on his community and his hope that someone would be able to save the ELA.

The closure of the ELA came in Question Period in Ottawa today. Liberal Lawrence MacAuley posed a question about the closing and it is answered by Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield, who mentioned other facilities in Canada that can do the same research currently done at the Experimental Lakes Area.

Jules Blais is the President of the Society of Canadian Limnologists, which is also referred to as freshwater science. He's familiar with the facilities mentioned by Minister Ashfield. Carol asked about these facilities. He tells us why these places cannot do the same research as the ELA.

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