Reg Bowers

Photo: Adrian Wyld/CP

Photo: Adrian Wyld/CP


The Prime Minister has lost a cabinet minister -- and Reg Bowers has been given the blame. During the last election, Mr. Bowers was the official agent for Peter Penashue. Mr. Penashue was running for the Conservatives in Labrador, and he won, by all of seventy-nine votes.

But he didn't win fair and square. Yesterday, Mr Penashue resigned his seat and his job as Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, after admitting that his campaign had acccepted twenty-eight illegal donations, totaling twenty-seven thousand, eight-hundred-and-fifty dollars. And who did Mr. Penashue say was responsible? Carol speaks to Reg Bowers from Happy Valley Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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