UN Food Rapporteur

Olivier De Schutter

Olivier De Schutter


They were not impressed.  Even before the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier De Schutter, wrapped up his 11-stop Canadian tour, two Conservative cabinet ministers let him know they weren't happy with his work. You can hear Minister Jason Kenney's response, here.

The Special Rapporteur had set out to examine whether Canada's poor have adequate diets and if social programs guarantee an equitable access to healthy foodstuffs.

His findings suggest that our 'True North Strong and Free' may not be as far up the food chain, as we may like to think, so to speak.

The Rapporteur estimates 2 to 3 million Canadians can't afford healthy diets and that more than a million aboriginal people are in a "desperate situation".

Listen to Olivier De Schutter's explanation of his report.

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