Musical Gloves to Moonshine.

- by jeff douglas

popcorn.jpgWhat to post? That is the question.

Do I go with the Tennessee bootlegging hero, or the oddly hypnotic singing gloves?

My favourite thing about working on AIH is rolling into work every day and having no clue as to what will be on the program that evening. With a mandate that can roughly be summarized as 'Anything that happened anywhere today,' a broad road lays before us each morning. Broad and winding. That is what gives the show its unique tone and personality.

Last night's program was no exception.

Out of the gate we spoke with Syria's Charge d'Affaires in Canada about the conflict in his country.


Then we wound our way through a piece on the odour of ants on our way to Paris, Texas where land owners are angered over the KeystoneXL pipeline.

We gave Josh Friend of Kitchener, Ontario a couple of shots at vocalizing a low 'E' as he prepares to submit for a Welsh opera:



juneau.jpgAnd we paid tribute to Pierre Juneau.

All of which led us to these pieces.

  1. The legalization of stills - now called 'micro-distilleries' - in Tennessee which centered on famed bootlegger Marvin 'Popcorn' Sutton, who didn't live to see his recipe go legit.
  2. A conversation with a Computer Engineering grad student University of British Columbia's Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre named Johnty Wang and his amazing, expressive gloves.

As I said at the top, a very broad and winding road. But hey, chacun a son gout, right?



What Does A Body Know? by Bob PRITCHARD from Art Music Promotion on Vimeo.


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