Caterpillar closing


Caterpillar has closed its Electro-Motive plant in London, Ontario.  cat.jpgA month earlier, Caterpillar  had locked the workers out , after they refused a fifty-percent wage cut.

Vince Gugliotta and his wife are two of the just over four hundred plant employees  who are now out of work.

Listen to Vince Gugliotta: (Pop-up)


Mike Moffatt teaches Economics at the Western University's Ivey School of Business in London. He analyzes Caterpillar's purchase and subsequent closing  of the Electromotive plant,  and the company's traditional relationship with labour.


Muncie, Indiana, looks set to be the beneficiary of London's misfortune. Roughly forty-eight hours after the state of Indiana passed Right-to-Work legislation, which restricts the strength of labour unions,many of those jobs will move to Caterpillar's Muncie plant. Dennis Tyler is the mayor of Muncie.

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