Africville Heritage Trust

As It Happens has followed the emerging story of the Africville Heritage Trust since the hiring of Carol Nixon raised community ire last week. Members of the black community in Nova Scotia were incensed about the appointment of a new executive director for the Trust which was set up to establish a memorial to Africville, a community that city officials destroyed in the 1960s to make room for a bridge. First we spoke with Halifax lawyer and human rights activist Burnley 'Rocky' Jones. Mr. Jones spoke to the indignation within the community at the hiring of a white woman to run the trust. Then - for the other side of the story - we went to Daurene Lewis. She is the Chair of the Trust, and she staunchly defended Ms. Nixon's hiring. Tonight - in the wake of Carol Nixon's dismissal - we go back to Daurene Lewis to ask her why the candidate she staunchly defended has been turfed.
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