World's Hottest Curry

kismotkiller_sm.jpgThere's truth in the old adage "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." But it's also sometimes true that "what's made stronger might just kill you", depending on what exactly what is. Take curry, for instance -- in particular the curry made by the Ali family in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Alis, owners and operators of the Kismot Indian & Bangladeshi Restaurant, have developed what they claim is the world's hottest curry -- dubbed "The Kismot Killer". And while they're taking precautions to protect themselves against possible legal action due to patron injury -- even death -- they're banking on making a killing from the dish.
Listen to guest host Tom Harrrington's interview with Akbar Ali, eldest son of the Akbar clan and general manager of Kismot.

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(runs: 5:51)  (Originally aired August 14, 2009)


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