Tuesday: Alberta Floods Hydrologist, Cosmo Restaurant Murder, Oregon Bee Deaths


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Alberta Floods Hydrologist. As the flood recovery effort takes hold in Alberta, top water and climate change scientist, John Pomeroy, tells us the flooding has already changed the Rocky Mountains forever.
* Cosmo Restaurant Murder. The owner of Cosmo, the popular Montreal restaurant, Tony Koulakis, has been stabbed to death. We remember the man known as "The Lord of the Potatoes."

Part Two:

* Oregon Bee Deaths. 50,000 bumblebees suddenly died in Oregon in the last week and conservationists are blaming a lethal pesticide called Neonicotinoid. Experts are calling it the single worst incident of recorded bumblebee deaths in United States history.
* Andy Scott Obit. We pay tribute to the former Liberal Federal cabinet minister who has died aged 58.

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