Friday: 'Do Ya a Duffy,' Alaska Ghost Island, Grumpy Cat Movie


Highlights Include:

Part One:
*Do ya a Duffy. A Charlottetown radio station offers to cut a cheque for any debt you owe, up to twenty dollars. 
*The Grumpy Cat. A movie deal is signed for the popular online meme.  

Part Two:
*Alaska Ghost. A First Nations woman raises money to visit her ancestral home, abandoned for more than half a century.
*Mah-jong Tournament. China loses to France, prompting one columnist to question his countrymen's commitment to the game they invented.

Part Three:
*Burma Violence. Uncertainty and suspicion grow as violence spreads through the country.  
*Balcony Donkey.  A Belgian theatre troupe runs into trouble with authorities over their latest actor, an ungulate named Lola.   
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