Wednesday: Morgentaler Obit, Fowler Ransom, TB Scones Debate Con't


Highlights Include:

Part One:
*Morgentaler Obit. Dr. Henry Morgentaler, the man who led the battle for legal abortion in Canada, dies at the age of 90.
*Stephen King. A best-selling author excludes millions of readers from his new book because it won't be published as an e-book.

Part Two:
*CBC Ads. The author of Saving the CBC, explains his objections to the CRTC decision to allow ads on CBC Radio 2.
*Fowler Ransom. An internal al-Qaeda memo reveals that a ransom was paid for the release of two Canadian diplomats.

Part Three:
*Councillor Guilty. Former Saint John city councillor Donald Snook pleads guilty to child porn and sexual assault charges.
*Laura Clarke. A poetry reading from Laura Clarke's collection of poetry, Mule Variations. She won this year's Bronwen Wallace Award. 
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