Wednesday: Senate: James Cowan, Autobahn Speed, Oklahoma Rebuilds, and Afghan Women Jailed


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Senate: James Cowan. The Liberal Leader of the Senate weighs in on the Mike Duffy's spending scandal.
* Autobahn Speed. A German automotive researcher, who worked at Porsche, wants motorists to slow down on the no-speed-limit highway.

Part Two:

* Oklahoma Rebuilds. Representative Joe Dorman wants his state to help pay for storm shelters in schools -- but he'll face a tough battle.
* Health Canada: Blood. Health Canada moves to lift the lifetime ban for gay men to donate blood, but only if they've been abstinent for five years.

Part Three:

* Afghan Women Jailed. A new Human Rights Watch report says there are more abused women being imprisoned in Afghanistan.
* Solitary Confinement. Bobby Lee Worm won a settlement from Ottawa after she was forced to spend more than three years in solitary confinement in a B.C. prison.

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