Tuesday: Bosma Body Found, Keystone Ads, Lobstermen Return and more


Highlights Include:

Part One:
* Bosma Body Found. Police confirm that Tim Bosma was killed after he went on a test drive with two men in his truck.
* Noisy Frogs. A Wisconsin noise complaint is croaked in mystery -- until police see the owner's garden pond. 

Part Two:
* Keystone Ads. Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to NYC as part of a global push to promote the oilsands.
* Guatemala Genocide Verdict. Former military ruler Efrain Rios Montt is found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Part Three:
* Lobstermen Return. Fishermen defy their protesting colleagues and head back out, despite record low prices.
* Moth Hearing Study. Scientists discover that the Greater Wax Moth has the keenest hearing of any creature in the world.
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