Tuesday: France Same Sex, CRTC and Sun News, Texas Clean Up, Terror Plot: Via


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* France Same Sex Couple: A lesbian couple is thrilled a new bill will allow them to become legal parents to 2 children.
* CRTC & Sun News: Bernie Farber, formerly with the Canadian Jewish Congress, weighs in on remarks made on SUN News about Romas.

Part Two:

* Texas Cleanup: A pastor at the First Baptist Church in West is left homeless by last week's blast.
* Lee Miller Archive: Thousands of unseen photos by model-turned-correspondent Lee Miller are shown for the first time.

Part Three:

* Terror Plot: Via Vulnerability: A security analyst explains measures needed to protect train travelers.
* Haiti Sex Assault. A Canadian police officer allegedly involved in a sexual assault is unlikely to ever face charges.

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