Friday: Boston Lockdown, Musharraf Arrest, Plant Music


Highlights Include:

Part One: 
*Boston Lockdown. In a massive manhunt for the remaining bombing suspect, residents are told to stay locked indoors.
*Boston Chechnya Link.  With the identity of the alleged bombers revealed, eyes turn toward the troubled Northern Caucasus. 

Part Two:
*Musharraf Arrest. Pakistan's former leader is confined to his house and faces a reckoning from the people he once ruled.
*Plant Music. A UK garden expert recommends heavy metal  to grow big bloomers. 

Part Three:
*Cod Stocks Study. The truth is, they're not coming back, according to a new study in the journal, Science. 
*Warsaw Museum. On the 70th anniversary of Poland's Jewish uprising against the Nazis, a new museum opens.
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