Thursday: Texas Explosion, Rhino Heads Stolen, Foghorn Requiem


Highlights Include: 

Part One:
*Texas Explosion. A blast at a fertilizer plant near Waco levels buildings and rattles homes 70 kilometres away. 
*Foghorn Requiem. A unique musical score is set to be played in northern England -- and its centrepiece is a lighthouse.

Part Two:
*Rhino Heads Stolen. Thieves raid a museum warehouse in Ireland, tie up the guard and make off with valuable ivory.
*Anti-incest App. Developers create a phone app to prevent Icelanders from accidentally "dating" a relation. 

Part Three:
*First Nations Suicides. The chief of Neskantaga in Northern Ontario declares a state of emergency after a string of suicides. 
*Foreign Worker Tribunal. The case of a migrant farmworker's death could make coroner's inquests into such deaths mandatory.
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