Thursday: Roger Ebert Obit, Manitoba Hotel Bill, Segregated Prom.


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Roger Ebert Obit. Filmmaker Norman Jewison remembers his friend -- the legendary writer and film critic.
* Manitoba Hotel. After providing lodging for flood evacuees for nearly two years, one hotel is owed over a million dollars.

Part Two:

* Segregated Prom. Students in Georgia are organizing Wilcox High School's first integrated prom.
* Brit Class System. Brits could be divided into seven classes, instead the traditional working, middle, and upper.

Part Three:

* Golden Dawn Spread. As Greece's economy collapses, it's far-right party rises.
* Snowbank Sheep. A four-year-old Scotch Mule was trapped for more than a week in a 4-metre snowdrift.

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