Thursday - UN Drought Convention, Labrador Resettlement, Syria: UN Ambassador


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* UN Drought Convention. Canada becomes the first and only country to leave the Convention to Combat Desertification.
* Labrador Resettlement. The tiny community of Williams Harbour wants to take the government's offer of money to move.

Part Two:

* Tommy Douglas Files. Reporter Jim Bronskill on the top court ruling that the secret RCMP dossier on Tommy Douglas will remain secret.
* Cyprus Bank Reopens. A Cypriot baker shares how he's dealing with the country's financial crisis.

Part Three:

* Yukon Medical Council. All six members of Yukon's medical regulatory body have resigned.
* Syria: UN Ambassador. A feature interview with UK Ambassador Sir Mark Lyall Grant on the UN's role during Syria's civil conflict.

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