Friday - US Missiles - North Korea, Paul Rose Obit, Kalamzoo Dredged


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* US Missiles - North Korea. An analyst reacts to a US plan to bolster its missile defenses in Alaska
* Titanic Violin. We speak to the man charged with looking after the violin played as the Titanic sank.

Part Two:

* Paul Rose Obit. Has the death of the former FLQ terrorist increased tensions in Quebec?
* Parliament Bar Fight. Fisticuffs erupt in an exclusive bar patronized by British MPs.

Part Three:

* Kalamazoo Dredged. The US Enviromental Protection Agency orders Enbridge to dredge the river where its pipline leaked.
* Manatee Red Tide. An algae bloom is threatening Florida's manatee population.
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