Thursday - Penashue Resigns, Caged Meat Ban, Robocalls Report


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Penashue Resigns. The embattled Minister and MP steps down over election irregularities - but vows to run again.
* Sinkhole Golfer. A golf game ends dramatically when a Missouri man gets swallowed by a sinkhole. 

Part Two:

* Caged Meat Ban. The Calgary Co-op will no longer sell pork or eggs from caged animals.
* Pi Day. Mathletes around the world celebrate the number that squares a circle.

Part Three:

* Robocalls report. A public policy institute call for charges in the wake of the so-called Robocalls scandal
* Francis Pope. A Toronto financial advisor named "Francis Pope" offers his reaction to the new Pontiff's election.
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