Friday - Anti-French Tire CEO, China Cancer Villages, Cow Horse


Highlights Include:

Part One:
*Anti-French Tire CEO. A feud erupts between a U.S. industrialist nicknamed "The Grizz" and a French politician over "so-called workers."
*Cow Horse. Hattie Moo is a heifer and an unlikely part of Scotland's Chariots of Fire pony display team.

Part Two:
*Alex Harvey. He's the first Canadian man to win an individual medal at a Nordic Skiing World Championships.
*Cancer Villages. China admits that 58 types of toxic chemicals are now posing a severe health crisis.

Part Three:
*Sanctuary City. Toronto passes a motion making it easier for undocumented residents to access city services.
*Newfoundland school project. An American student asks what makes Newfoundland special and gets a mailbox full of answers.

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