Tuesday - Winnipeg Heat Eviction, Nebraska Keystone, Charbo Inquiry Lies


Highlights Include:

Part One:
* Winnipeg Heat Eviction:  Caretakers in an apartment building are evicted - because they refused an order to turn off the heat.
* Keystone Nebraska:  The governor of Nebraska says the Keystone XL pipeline can pass through his state. 

Part Two:
* Charbo Inquiry Lies:  A star witness in the Quebec corruption inquiry admits to lying in testimony.
*  Bocuse Chef:  Canadian Chef Alex Chen is on his way to France for the culinary Olympics -- the Bocuse d'Or.

Part Three:
* Eritrea Coup Attempt: An apparent coup attempt vanishes into thin air - along with the armed soldiers who attempted it.
* Blow-up living quarters: Astronauts will soon be testing inflatable bedrooms at the space station.
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