Tuesday - Nevsun Mining Report, Greek Journalist Targeted and HMV Insolvency.


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Nevsun Mining Report. A Canadian mining company in Eritrea is warned about terrible working conditions.
* WWII Plane Found. A rescue plane that went down 70 years ago off Greenland has been found under a glacier.

Part Two:

* Greek Journos Targeted. One of five Greek journalists targeted in bombings, tells us about the frustrations in society.
* NRA Video Game. The National Rifle Association releases a video game aimed at helping children with their shooting skills.

Part Three:

* Mostar Statue Bombing. A bomb destroys a monument to fallen soldiers of Bosnia's Muslim-dominated army.
* HMV Insolvency. Iconic music store HMV seeks insolvency protection, which could be the retailer's swan song.

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