Tuesday: Metis Rights, Australian Fires and Richard Ben Cramer.


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Metis Rights Decision. A new court decision gives Metis and non-status Indians more access to programs and rights.
* Australia Fires. A firefighter tells us about the record-breaking heat wave that's caused hundreds to flee their homes.

Part Two:

* GM Food Needed. An anti-genetically-modified food activist now says GM crops are our only hope for saving the planet.
* Richard Ben Cramer Obituary. From inside baseball insights to political punditry, we remember a legendary journalist.

Part Three:

* India Rape Case. The father of the Delhi bus gang-rape victim says he wants his daughter's name made public.
* Echidna Search. An old specimen of a believed-to-be-extinct ant-eater is found, and now a curator wants to find more.

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