Monday: Attawapiskat Spending Report, New CIA Director, Oilsands: Environment Canada



Awkward audit. A leaked report calls into question the Attawapiskat First Nation's financial records - and Chief Theresa Spence's role in keeping them.

A rendition flight risk? Barack Obama's new appointee to direct the C-I-A is has a dark history when it comes to supporting the controversial practice.

A crude legacy. A new study that includes scientists from Environment Canada suggests oil sands development has been contaminating land for half a century.

Will the end of the lockout mean he's no longer out of luck? We speak to a minor-league hockey player who was bumped out of his job by an unemployed NHL'er.

All that's Gould still glitters. Canada's master pianist is to be honoured with a posthumous lifetime Grammy award.

And it brings new definition to "criminal profiling." A man tracks down his stolen iPhone after the thief uses it to meet women on an online dating site.

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