Thursday: Rafah Border, Viking Research, Pakistani Shias Attacked and more.


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* God Loves Caviar. Maybe God loves caviar, but the critics hate the movie of the same name. Still, Greeks are embracing the film.
* Wolverine Volunteers. Researchers recruit volunteers to nail beaver carcasses to snowy trees and collect wolverine hair.

Part Two:

* Fontana. London, Ontario mayor Joe Fontana says he'll stay in office while fighting charges of fraud and breach of trust.*
* Rafah Border Crossing. An EU border monitor reacts to the ceasefire and the re-opening of Gaza's border with Egypt.

Part Three:

* Pakistan: Shia Violence. More deadly bombings today as Shia Muslims are targeted by Sunni militant groups.
* Emotionless Singapore. There is little reaction in Singapore after it is named the world's least emotional country.

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