The Thursday Edition


Part One:
*Tales from two cities. A resident from Gaza City and a resident from Tel Aviv describe the violence that is hitting too close to their homes.
*Reprieve, at last. An elderly American woman deported from Canada is allowed to return to Nova Scotia, along with the ill friend who she cares for.

Part Two:
*BP Settlement. After two years of legal wrangling, oil giant BP has agreed to pay four-point-five billion dollars in reparations for the Deepwater Horizon explosion - and will plead guilty to felony misconduct relating to the deaths of eleven men on board. We speak to one of those men's grandmothers, coming up.
*British Sex Abuse. Deceased Liberal Democrat politician, Cyril Smith, becomes the latest figure embroiled in Britain's child abuse scandal. We speak to the MP who pointed the finger at Mr Smith in the British parliament. 

Part Three
*The shirtless agent, unmasked. The New York Times reveals the identity of the FBI officer who made the Petraeus scandal public -- a report that raises questions about the agent's motivations.
*Unwelcoming gift. A man's newly bought house in Victoria has to demolished before he can move in after a company spills hundreds of litres of oil onto his property.

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