Wednesday: Savita's Death, BBC Anniversary, Cormorant Camera and more.


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Ireland Abortion Death. A woman dies when hospital officials refuse to terminate her pregnancy, even though she was miscarrying.
* Aussie Questions Congress. Why one reporter gets rare access to officials at the Communist Party Congress, while others are shut out.

Part Two:

* BBC Anniversary. Highs and lows. The Beeb celebrates its 90th anniversary, while steeped in journalistic scandal.
* Remains Ammunition. An Alabama ammo-maker gives grieving loved ones bullets made with remains of the dead.

Part Three:

* Hydro Quebec. Local residents in a northern Quebec town are saying NON to Hydro Quebec's renege on local jobs.
* Voice of NFLD. Newfoundland and Labrador celebrate the 80th anniversary of public broadcasting today, and unlike the BBC - no scandal.

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