The Thursday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Haida Geoengineering. The federal government claims the geo-engineers who dumped a hundred tonnes of iron dust into the Pacific broke the law.
* Nude Men Posters. Posters for a nude male art exhibit in Austria create a little excitement and a whole lot of controversy.

Part Two:

* XL Foods Critic. A food scientist says Canadians should demand more action from those responsible for the E.coli outbreak at XL Foods.
* FTR: Travers Debate. Journalists and politicians square off for an evening of lighthearted debate and self-deprecating humour.

Part Three:

* Chihuahua Muzzled. City of Windsor officials declare a teacup chihuahua a dangerous dog.
* Shock Pants. The inventor of electric pants explains how they help people with spinal cord injuries.

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