The Monday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

*Embassy Sharing. Ottawa and London agree to share some diplomatic missions abroad -- prompting accusations that Canada's relationship with Britain is becoming too cozy.

* Tape: Charbonneau. Legendary FBI agent "Donnie Brasco" brings his expertise on mob culture to the Charbonneau Commission.

* Wente plagiarism? In the wake of accusations against the Globe and Mail columnist, a journalism professor questions Canada's mainstream media's commitment to the truth.

Part Two:

* Colorado Concealed Weapons. Faculty members are worried about a state Supreme Court ruling that allows concealed weapons on campus.

* Coptic Christians. A Canadian on Egypt's most-wanted list says he had nothing to do with the provocative anti-Islamic movie.
* Sniderman Obit. We remember Sam The Record Man - an iconic member of Canada's music community.

Part Three:

* Mary Lou Finlay on Teats. According to one of our listeners, an interview from our archives about moose cheese just can't be "teat".
* Vimy Ridge Soldier. A Canadian soldier who died after fighting at Vimy Ridge, finally gets a proper memorial - 95 years later.

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