The Tuesday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Israel on Canada-Iran. Israeli policy adviser and former ambassador Zalman Shoval shares his thoughts on Canada - Iran relations.
* France Richest Man Flap. Au revoir Bernard Arnault: the harsh headlines tragetting France's richest man.

Part Two:

* Talkback: Lynden Dorval. Talkback submits a grade for the teacher who may be fired for giving students zeroes for incomplete assignments.
* Bus Bully Cheque. Karen Klein, the grandmother who was tormented on a school bus joins Max Sidorov, the man who raised money for her.

Part Three:

* Teck Resources Admission. Canadian mining company Teck Metals admits that hazardous waste from its B-C plant has been leaking into the Washington state river for the past century.
* Aleppo MSF Doctor. A French surgeon who has been in and out of Syria is surprised by how many foreigners he is treating in Aleppo.

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