The Wednesday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Quebec Election. PQ candidate Sophie Stanke on her personal loss, the party's win, and a celebration that turned deadly.
* Mohamed Mahjoub Lawyer. The lawyer for the terrorism suspect says questions for former Minister Stockwell Day will shed light on Canada's controversial Security Certificate policy.

Part Two:

* Gambia Execution Brother. Gambia's president vowed to execute all death row inmates. We speak to a family member of one of those put to death.
* Bird Funerals. Research from the University of California suggests that Western Scrub Jays mourn their dead.

Part Three:

* Jean Charest Career. Journalist Andre Pratte, author of a book on the outgoing premier talks about Charest's political legacy.
* Framed Pakistani Girl. A Muslim cleric speaks out in support of a Christian girl who, it appears, was framed for blasphemy by a local cleric.

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