The Tuesday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

*Enbridge Report. U.S. National Transportation Safety Board chair, Denorah Herman, says Enbridge could not only have resonded better to a Michigan oil spill, they could have prevented it.
*Trinidad Turtles Crushed. The CEO of the Trinidadian Environmental Management Authority tells us a botched river redirection killed far fewer hatchlings than the thousands environmentalists claim.

Part Two:

*Lubanga: DRC Check-In. In recent weeks, former DRC army general, Bosco Ntaganda, has led a bloody mutiny against the Congolese army -- using child soldiers. Human Rights Watch tells us about this latest warlord. 
*Firefly Gifts. When it comes to the love life of fire flies, females get turned on by males with bigger gifts -- that is, gifts of food.

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