The Wednesday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Assange to Ecuador. The Wikileaks creator is attempting to seek asylum in Ecuador. We hear from Vaughan Smith -- the man who put up bail for Mr. Assange.
* Best Swim Stroke. A fluid-dynamics expert on the most efficient way to use your arms in the water.

Part Two:

* Kinder Morgan CEO. Ian Anderson wants to add a big new pipe to an existing pipeline through B.C. and he wants the community onside.
* Email: Free Beer. Tonight we present some of the sounds of Free Beer.

Part Three:

* Venezuela Rock. There are demands for Germany to return a 35-tonne rock that is sacred to a South American indigenous community.
* Soccer Goal Line. Weighing into the debate about what to do when a referee in the Beautiful game makes an ugly, and incorrect, call.

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