The Wednesday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Magnotta Chair. The proprietors of the internet cafe where German police arrested Luka Magnotta attempted to auction off sell the chair in which he was sitting.
* Phil Campbell Screening. Residents of Phil Campbell, Alabama can see the documentary about all those Phil Campbells who helped rebuild their town after it was devastated by a tornado.

Part Two:

* Elinor Ostrom Obituary. Burney Fischer remembers his friend, Elinor Ostrom -- the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in Economics.
* Gay Republican Candidate. He's Republican. He's gay. And Fred Karger is still on the ballot for the Republican nomination for President.

Part Three:

* New Zero Teacher. Another Edmonton teacher speaks out against the board's policy of not giving zeroes as marks.
* Mehdi Hassan Obituary. Remembering an Indian-born Pakistani classical singer who spent 50 years creating beautiful music in South Asia.

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