The Thursday Edition


Highlights Include:
Part One:

*Magnotta Video: A Montana lawyer says police gave murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta a four-day head start by not heeding his warnings. 
*Norway Maple: Companies, universities and even the government are using the invasive Norway maple on their logos, mistaking it for the sugar maple of Canadian provenance.
Part Two:

*Ecuador Chevron Claim: A claim has been filed in an Ontario court to enforce an 18 billion dollar judgment against Chevron in Ecuador.
*Tree Bark Graffiti: PhD student Chantel Summerfield researches WW2 tree bark graffiti to try to shed more light on the lives of ordinary soldiers.

Part Three:

*F-35 Committee: NDP MP: MP Malcolm Allen is upset because he feels the Conservatives are curtailing the parliamentary probe into the F-35 costs.
*Ukraine Soccer Racism: BBC reporter Chris Rogers tells us how Neo Nazi groups in Ukraine are recruiting from soccer stadiums.
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