The Thursday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* EI Changes Part 1: Nellie Baker Stevens says her fishing family, and other seasonal workers, are worried about today's changes to the unemployement system.
* EI Changes Part 2: Human Resources Minister Diane Finley explains why making it more difficult to collect employment insurance is fair.

Part Two:

* Quebec Kettling. We speak to a woman who was arrested last night when Montreal police used the controversial technique of kettling during a student demonstration.
* Tel Aviv Migrant Attacks. A rally against migrants in South Tel Aviv turned violent last night, when mobs swarmed African shops.

Part Three:

* Chen Guangcheng's Brother. The Chinese dissident's brother Chen Guangfu escapes from authorities.
* Killer Mice. An ornithologist wants the mice of Gough Island to be eradicated, because they are vicious bird eaters that are harming the unique ecosystem.

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