The Friday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Tripoli Violence. Observers warn the conflict in Syria may be spreading over its borders as sectarian clashes erupt in Lebanon.
* Stephen Harper Nude. A portrait of the PM is causing a stir at the Kingston Public Library because of the artist's liberal use of flesh-coloured paint.
* TB: Fist Pumping Champ. AIH listeners were pumped by our conversation with world champion Ray Slater.

Part Two:

* Wage Scales Gone. NDP MP Pat Martin says the budget bill includes a clause that would harm Canada's construction industry. Then reaction from industy.
* Iceland Elf Boulder. MP Arni Johnsen moves a boulder he believes houses a family elves to his yard.

Part Three:

* SOD: Edmonton Transit. A tour of the unique and mundane items in the Edmonton Transit lost and found office.
* Slave Lake Report. The Alberta government released a report on the response to the fires. Committee chair, Bill Sweeney, shares the findings.

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