The Thursday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Quebec Student. University Student Association president, Martine Desjardins, is concerned emergency legislation may spark more violence.
* Fist Pumper Record. Ray Slater has achieved ultimate glory, by setting a world record for fist-pumping for 17 hours straight.

Part Two:

* G20 Questions. Lawyer Howard Morton says 2 reports on the G20 Summit don't answer key questions, including who was responsible for the human rights violations.
* Donna Summer Obituary. She was the Hot Stuff that Loved to Love You. The Queen of Disco died today at the age of 63.

Part Three:

* Gulf Shipwreck Found. While mapping a poorly-explored region of the Gulf of Mexico seafloor, oceanographers find a sunken ship and 200-year-old artifacts.
* Mike McGrady Obituary: Remembering an excellent writer whose most enduring legacy is a truly terrible book. We'll review the highs and low of the U.S. newspaperman.

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