The Wednesday Edition


Highlights include:

Part One:

* Obama on Same Sex Marriage. Under pressure, U.S. President Barack Obama endorses same-sex marriage.
* Quebec Credit Card Bust. The lead investigator describes the arrest of dozens and the seizure of thousands of counterfeit bank cards.
* A Knight's Tale. A Quebec man dubs himself a knight and takes to the road on his trusty steed, Lionheart -- to prove that valour is not dead.

Part Two:

* Yulia Tymoshenko Doctor. The former Ukrainian Prime Minister has ended her hunger strike. We speak with a Canadian doctor who has examined her in February.
* Sealand Soccer. The world's smallest nation plays its first international soccer game. Our guest is the President of their Football Association.

Part Three:

* Israel Coalition. Daniel Levy, former advisor to two Israeli Prime Ministers, offers his analysis on Benjamin Netanyahu's new coalition with the Kadima Party.
* Breivik Survivors in Court. Erik Sonstelie's daughter survived the shootings in Utoya, Norway, and he has written a book about that day.

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