The Wednesday Edition


Highlights Include:

Part One:

* Sawmill Folo. Union leader Stephen Hunt meets with officials from B.C.Workers' Compensation and Labour about the investigation into the sawmill explosion in Prince George.
* Free Range Burger King. The world's second biggest fast food chain extends the promise of relative freedom to its faithful egg-producers.

Part Two:

* F-35 Contracts. Retired Colonel Paul Maillet, former manager of the CF-18 fleet, says purchasing the new fighter jets could be a huge mistake.
* Netherlands Pot Smoking. Coffee shop owner Marc Josemans says he plans to break a proposed law that would restrict access to the country's infamous 'coffee shops', to locals only.

Part Three:

* FTR: Robotics Winners. Students from a Vancouver high school take the top two spots in an international robotics competition.
* Fisheries Act Changes. Lara Tessaro, a lawyer with Ecojustice Canada says changes to the Act will fundamentally undermine protection of fisheries and the environment.

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