The Friday Edition

* Viktor Boot * Sarajevo Red Line * Gun Registry Quote * First Woman Marathon * Bosnia General on Syria * Sark Island * Swedish Police Speeder

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VIKTOR BOUT SENTENCING. The Merchant of Death is forced to close shop. Russia is up in arms over the U.S.-imposed 25-year sentence for international arms dealer, Viktor Bout.

SARAJEVO RED LINE. It's a remarkable scene. Eleven thousand, five hundred forty one red chairs ... all of them empty ... as a concert for the dead. We'll hear from Haris Pasovic, the organizer of today's war memorial in Sarajevo.

FIRST WOMAN IN BOSTON MARATHON. This year, the Boston Marathon celebrates 40 years since it first allowed female runners. But five years earlier, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to register -- and also the first to be shoved and clawed at by an official during the race.


QUIETEST PLACE ON EARTH. Let's go somewhere quiet... but not there! A Minneapolis lab houses the quietest place on the planet. But its silence is too much for most people to stomach.


BOSNIA GENERAL ON SYRIA. History repeating itself. Twenty years after the start of the war in Bosnia, some believe that Syria is following in the same footsteps.

READING: THE SELFISH GIANT. Going Wilde. For this Easter and Passover holiday, we present Alan Maitland's reading of The Selfish Giant, by Oscar Wilde.

SARK ISLAND PURCHASE. The hunting of the Sark. Residents of Europe's last feudal state say that twin British billionaires are trying to take their fiefdom by force.

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