The Monday Edition

* NB Potato Farmer * UK Electronic Surveillance * Heritage Sheep Scarpie * Iowa Whiskey * Sarajevo: City of Roses

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NB POTATO FARMER. Home at last. Potato farmer, Henk Tepper, returns to New Brunswick after spending 12 months in a Lebanese jail. He was detained over allegations that he sold rotten potatoes to Algeria.

UK ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE. Eyes without a face. Leaked reports suggest the UK government wants to give its secret service free access to the emails and text messages of all Brits.


MALI COUP FOLO. Not exactly the best laid plan. The military coup in Mali seems to have backfired; instead of giving more power to the army forces fighting rebels in the country's north, the new government finds itself surrounded by enemies.

CONN. EXOTIC ANIMALS AMNESTY. Exotic and potentially deadly. Coming up, we'll hear from a reptile expert who collected illegal pets from their owners in Connecticut this weekend -- including a seventy-pound python that lunged at him.


SARAJEVO - CITY OF ROSES. Carol returns to Sarajevo to mark the twentieth anniversary of the city's siege.

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