The Friday Edition

* Budget Update - Diplomacy * Sapin Strikes And Job Losses * Church Roof Theft * For The Record: Gzowski On Pennies * RIM Changes * From Our Archive: Katimavik Gone * Great lakes Pronunciation

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BUDGET UPDATE - DIPLOMACY Discount diplomats. Yesterday's foreign service budget cuts have one former envoy warning that time shares are no place to conduct Canada's foreign affairs.

SPAIN STRIKES & JOB LOSSES Austerity for beginners. In Spain, about half of young adults are out of a job. We speak to a young journalist who's about to lose hers, just as the country's new austerity package is unveiled.


RIM CHANGES Putting RIM in the grim. A quarterly loss of $125 million dollars spurs the makers of Blackberry to make some changes -- including the resignation of co-founder Jim Balsillie from the board of directors.

GREAT LAKES PRONUNCIATION Democrats and Republicans in the US aren't speaking the same language...but not in the way you think.


CALGARY COLUMNIST PLAGIARISM To be fair, it is called copy editing. A Calgary-area newspaper editor resigns after allegedly plagiarizing dozens of columns from other writers.

SUMATRAN ORANGUTANS THREATENED A unique population of critically endangered orangutans in Sumatra could be wiped out in a matter of weeks, as fires threaten their habitat.

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