The Wednesday Edition

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LEAKING NORTH SEA GAS An open flame and a gas leak. Coming up on As It Happens, Carol speaks to oceanographer Simon Boxall about the gas leak on a rig in the North Sea.

OBIT: SKATEBOARD INVENTOR He rode the concrete wave. Skateboarders lose the inventor of the modern skateboard, Larry Stevenson, the man that made all their aerial tricks possible.


UN ON SYRIAN CHILDREN And now the children. The United Nations human rights chief says Syria should be referred to the International Criminal Court for its crimes, which include the systematic torture of children.

TYSON THE NASTY SWAN The victims are many. A giant, ill-tempered swan wages war with paddlers on an English canal.


DOLPHIN GANG Schools of hard knocks. New research finds that dolphins aren't so cute and cuddly. In fact they form gangs and do battle for ocean turf.

OPERATION MUSIC BENEFITS Getting in tune with patients... Research in the UK finds that music may help patients who go under the knife.

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